Conscious Relating Group

This is a new group that I am setting up which will focus on relationship.  Exploring our projections and our fears which occur within a group setting allows us to see how our histories impact our relationships in the here-and-now. Exploring these dynamics allows the possibility of ‘I-Thou’ relationship and can help us realise where we struggle so we are able to make different choices to enable intimate relationships in all areas of our lives.

Post Natal Mother’s group

The post-natal period holds an opportunity for a huge shift in consciousness. Slowing down and attending to mother’s needs in a spiritual sense is what is needed for this to be facilitated. Psychotherapy within a psychosynthetic context can help aid this process.

I run monthly groups in both Bristol (Wednesday mornings) and Stroud (Thursday mornings) for post-natal mothers (children younger than 2 years). It is an opportunity to connect with other women and share stories of grief and joy, to find a way to connect to ourselves, and to heal, as we create space in our lives for our own spiritual journey.

This group offers the opportunity for women to come together, to bring their babies (if 6 months or younger) and share and connect with other women and be facilitated in a shared spiritual journey.

Please email Jena on or call on 07799 670 261 for more information, to set up a session to explore whether your needs would be met by either of these groups, or to reserve a place in any of the groups above. See the Contact page for location details.